How to Start an Electronic Store Business in Dubai

how to start an Electronic Store in dubai

Dubai is among the leading metropolis cities in the world booming with diverse businesses. The city boasts to be one of the fastest-growing economies around the globe and holds the position of the richest city in the Middle East.

Opening a store in Dubai can be turned into a lucrative business and generate high revenue. Sales of consumer electronics are expected to only increase in the coming years. The demand for energy-efficient products has also increased as consumers realize the advantages of such gadgets. Dubai is recognized as a trading hub for these electronics and machinery in the Gulf and is considered a major supplier to Africa, the Middle East, and Latin American countries.

Before opening an electronic store, you must first decide if you want to start your business in the mainland or a free zone. A mainland-placed setup will allow you to take on government contracts and engage in the local UAE market trade without the need for a local agent. However, if you opt for a free zone, you can enjoy a zero percent tax rate, exemption on customs tax, repatriate all of your profits and capital, and zero currency restrictions.

A Complete Guide 

Although the nitty-gritty details of starting an electronic store business in Dubai might seem intimidating, following this step-by-step guide might make the process easier.

  1.     Choosing a Business Activity 

Establishing the kind of business, you want to open early on can help you narrow down suitable locations. This will eliminate areas that your business is not appropriate for. Certain free zones only permit specific activities such as medial, transport, or media.

  1.     Choosing the Business Name

The UAE has strict rules when it comes to naming your business. Names containing blasphemous content or referring to Allah are not allowed and so are the use of any offensive language. Business names related to any political groups, or religions are not permitted either. If the company is named after a person, the individual should either be a shareholder or owner of the company. Furthermore, the full name of the individual must be used, abbreviations and initials are not allowed.

  1.     Paperwork

Next, you must fill out an application stating the company activity and the chosen name, attach copies of the shareholder’s passport along with the application, and submit it to the relevant authorities. Certain free zones require other documents as well, such as a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC), or a business plan.

  1.     Licensing 

After your application has been processed and approved by the government, a company license will be issued to you.

  1.     Opening a Bank Account

After receiving the proper documentation, you can choose a local or international bank of your choice and open a corporate bank account.

  1.     Visa Processing 

The last and final step for starting an electronic store in Dubai is applying for your visa. Most free zones in Dubai allow you to submit applications for the visas of staff members and dependents as well. The visa process consists of 4 simple steps:

  •     permitting entry
  •     adjustment of status
  •     medical/health test
  •     Emirates ID registration and stamping visa


Dubai is an ideal location for setting up your electronics business. Perks like tax exemption and repatriating profits ensure the success of new businesses. Opting to automate your business through serialized inventory management will help you set up your business smoothly and seamlessly. Investing in an ERP solution evidently will pay off for your business in the long run by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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