Reports That Tell Everything

Different reporting modules help you take informed decisions

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Reporting Modules

Current Stock Report

This report gives you complete picture of your stock in the warehouse even if you have multiple storing locations. You get to know each item category-wise if it is saleable, dead or missing item from your stock. Having reviewed this report informs you on your total stock value and this better equips you for your next purchase decision. You can refine your report through various filters like: Brand, Condition, Item Type, Category, Warehouse Location and much more.

Stock Transfer Report

This report informs you on the details of stock being transferred from one warehouse to the other like Stock In and Stock Out.

Today Sale Report

Every day you want to see your sale progress, this report informs you on your most profitable item in a day. ‘Date Filter’ equips you to dive into any day of the past years; likewise with the help of filter on customer you can identify your best customers and their buying patterns.

Sale Activity Report

This report is of most comprehensive nature and informs you on various aspect of your Sale activity. You can clearly identify your most selling and non-selling items. Various filters give you details on Warehouse, Brands and Conditions etc. Here too you can trace complete history of your sale activity with the help of filters on Date and Day.