Our Story

The Story of Inventory Sol

Inventory Sol emerged after we realized the inventory challenges that many store owners face

We are an Ecommerce service provider facilitating retailers and wholesalers in the general consumer and electronics goods market. Our goal is to free up our clients valubale time by performing tasks on their behalf that fall outside their expertise so that they remain focussed on their core business – buying and selling.

Founded in 2003, we are headquartered in Frisco, Texas with offices located internationally.

Since our inception we have helped hundreds of sellers grow their businesses by helping them manage their online stores and inventory related tasks. Our clients are spread across United States, Europe and Arab Emirates and include small businesses as well as mid sized companies.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs face challenges when they grow. They have to decide about many things to run their operations. Store and inventory management, packaging and shipping, marketing and advertising, customer service, administration and so on. No one has time and skills to do all this. Here comes Inventory Sol to ease out the pain and offer services that are vital for growth.

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Our Ecommerce Services Portfolio

Store Listing

Listing products on your own website or marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay

Inventory Management

Keeping track of different aspects of you inventory and warehouse to help you take better decisions

Financial Services

Recording all your financial transactions as well as offering professional level accounting services

Product Description

Writing an effective marketing copy to persuade customers to make a purchase

Data Entry

Data entry is tedious but important. Our dedicated teams handle it with accuracy and speed

Market Research

We provide professional level insights on trending products and customers behavior

Order Processing

From placement to final delivery take care of the order at different stages reducing time and the cost involved in packaging and shipping

Customer Support

Addressing your customers questions related to products, fulfillment and returns as well as monitoring multiple channels with fast response times

Real Challenges Turned into Solutions

After working with hundreds of store owners over the years we realised that they are paying heavily the way they manage their inventory. Traditional Excel and Google spread sheets may get the job done but they waste a lot of time and are error prone. Even inventory tools available on the market, and interestingly including some big names, were unable to solve some basic inventory challenges. All this led us to conceive Inventory Sol that is all in one fully automated online inventory and warehouse management solution.

We built Inventory Sol from scratch based on inputs from our staff and clients. We started off in 2017 and finished development in 2020.

Why this took us so much time?

Our goal was to build what our clients actually required to automate and speed up their work. So it turned out to be 36 different forms categorized into 6 modules:

      1. Payments

      2. Sales

      3. Purchases

      4. Stock Transfer

      5. Inventory Adjustments

      6. Reports

fully capable to record each and every aspect of buying and selling. Inventory Sol includes 6 unique inventory solutions that you will find nowhere else on the market. 

  • Serial Wise Identification of Products
  • How to Categorize Inventory
  • Managing Replacement Orders
  • Managing SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)
  • How to Record Payments
  • In-house Stock Transfers for Multi Locations Warehouses.

We are not stopping here and continue to incarporate suggestions and feature requests that we receive fromk our users spread in different countries. We encourage you to sign up Inventory Sol, use it for free forever as a sngle users and suggest how we can make to it better to fit in your business needs. 

Team Behind Inventory Sol

color portrait image of team member saad mirza

Saad Mirza

Lead Developer
color portrait image of team member tanveer ul islam

Tanveer ul Islam

Marketing and Sales
color portrait image of team member adeem qamar

Adeem Qamar

Head of Support