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All-In-One Dubai Inventory Solution For your Ecommerce Business

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Key Features of Our Inventory Management Software in Dubai

Inventory Sol is a complete business Inventory management System configured for your business in your specific industry.

Payments Status

View the status of all vendor and customer payments, and manage all payments effectively from one place, including partial and full credit memos. Managing bills and payments is easier than ever with Inventory Sol.

Purchase Order

Create and send purchase orders to all of your distributors in one place, manage orders from start to finish, and easily make adjustments related to pricing, inventory, and ESN in no time.

Point of Sale

Inventory Sol's point of sales system is developed using smart technology, so you can create large invoices instantly with a bar-code scanner, manage returns, and update your inventory levels from the POS in real-time.

Inventory Management

Automatically adjust inventory levels by changing the number of units in stock or mark them as non-sellable due to damage or other conditions with our easy inventory adjustment system.

Current Stock Management

Instantly monitor current stock levels across all your warehouse and locations with current stock reports, sales reports, transfer reports, and daily invoice reports. With our stock management solution, you can always monitor and manage your existing inventory in real-time using our modern reporting and tracking tools.

Stock Transfer

Easily manage inventory between multiple locations and warehouses using our smooth and simple transaction interface. Save time by moving as many items as needed to as many locations with a single entry.

Dubai Inventory and Stock Control System

Especially built for retailers and wholesalers dealing in  every day use consumer electronics. Whether you have a single online shop or selling through multiple marketplaces like Amazon, EBay or Walmart  inventory sol is your one stop solution to track, control and manage your inventory.

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Key Features of Our Inventory Management System for Entrepreneurs

Product Identification

Easily identify all products via serial numbers and track each product in the database for purchase invoice, transfer, replacement, and adjustments. No product will remain unchecked with our stock management solution.

Categorize Inventory

Easily categorize your entire inventory using a flexible range of labels, including deadstock, defective items, missing items, and products for in-house consumption. This way, you can easily navigate between the regular inventory and all other items listed in the software for effective management.

Manage Replacements

Keep a record of all product replacements with our built-in automatic purchase replacement form. No more worries about multiple entries and confusing records of replaced items.

Instant Invoicing

Simply scan your items using the bar code scanner, and our modern inventory management software solution will automatically fetch all details and create invoices. This instant invoice automation means error free invoices that are generated within seconds!

Record Payments

Manage all payments from a single system, including full and partial payments. Receive payments from multiple sources and have the status updated instantly in our powerful inventory management software.

In-House Stock Transfers

Seamlessly manage stock transfers between all locations and warehouses, with automatic updates to the inventory level in all locations. There is no need to manually re-adjust stock-in and stock-out levels, as Inventory Sol takes care of all the grunt work!

Shipping Management

Maintain shipping invoices, stock records, packaging sheets, and all related shipping information. This allows you to effortlessly track all incoming purchases and outgoing stock for total inventory management.

Accurate Reporting

Always be informed of your business inventory levels with our accurate and detailed reporting tools. Our reports can be generated within seconds, and are extremely easy to read, to help you make the best decisions possible for your company!

Modules for Inventory Management System


Managing payments from vendors, suppliers, distributors, and customers from a single system have never been easier - until now! Inventory Sol provides all sized businesses with a state-of-the-art payment management solution. With our stock management solution for your business, you can easily view the payment status of all bills and outstanding balances, record full and partial payments, and keep an official record of all payments with unique identification numbers.


Track all purchases in your business with our transparent purchase process! Instantly create purchase orders with our intuitive forms. Simply enter the purchase ID, receive an automatic purchase description, and enter your payment and shipping info, and voila! Recording purchases has never been quicker. Moreover, our inventory management software solution allows you to maintain vendor memos, so you can seamlessly pull up vendor history and record any defects or purchase replacements that are required.


Track and manage sales across all channels of your business with our one-stop inventory management software in Dubai. Our innovative technology and tools make it easy to monitor sales from all locations, automatically adjust inventory levels, and create intuitive sales reports. Not only does Inventory Sol manage all new sales, but it also records all incoming sales invoices with a unique ID, manages sales returns and replacements, all the while automatically adjusting your stock levels, so that you can have accurate sales reports at all times!


Track your inventory levels and data in real-time and view easy-to-understand reports with our premier reporting tools. Our reports are specially designed to be comprehensive, intuitive, and comprehensible, to help you make informed business decisions. Create attractive and detailed reports on all your inventory management functions, from current stock reports to sales reports, and even stock transfer reports between different locations. Rest assured, our reporting and tracking tools provide you with complete transparency.

Why Choose Inventory Sol Stock Management Software in Dubai

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs and businesses all across the UAE prefer Inventory Sol for its state-of-the-art stock management solutions. It is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large, who wish to streamline their inventory management processes with a smart system that automatically manages their stock and presents reports in a transparent manner.

If you are ready to part ways with old and ineffective manual inventory management and embrace a new, modern stock management solution for your business, then InventorySol is the perfect software to choose from. Our user-friendly and intuitive software is
easy to navigate and super customizable to your unique business inventory management needs.

From sales tracking, to purchase orders, and even stock transfers, our one-of-a-kind inventory management software solution in Dubai has everything you need to manage, track, and report on your business stock levels. Whether you have a single online shop or selling through multiple marketplaces like Amazon, E-Bay or Walmart inventory sol is your one-stop solution to track, control, and manage your inventory.

Contact us now to learn about how Inventory Sol – the best inventory management solution in Dubai, UAE can transform your business, improve efficiency, and streamline your inventory management processes!

What Users Say about Inventory Sol

We have a successful online business but never used some software to manage sale and purchase activities believing they are costly and demand time to learn but Inventory Sol is easy to use and fits our budget.
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Adam Sendler
Electonics Store
As a solopreneur I have so many things to do for my fashion store,but keeping proper inventories has always been a headache for me. My life has become easy after I found this software. Its a good investment.
color portrait image of team member mila-kunis
Mila Kunis
Fashion & Beauty Store
"These guys know the warehouse and related stuff and is reflected what they have created. I recommend Inventory Sol since this piece of software has made credits and refund management super easy for me. Go for it!"
color portrait image of user mike surat
Mike Stuart
E-Commerce Business