3 Best Modules Every Inventory Management Should Have

Modules Every Inventory Management

A number of inventory management systems are growing day by day in parallel with the growth of online businesses. But most of the inventory management systems fail to qualify to be called the best inventory management systems. This usually happens because the developers of such inventory management systems fail to provide the necessary modules.


This failure rise the new question, What are the most necessary modules every inventory management system should have? Well, here’s the list of a few modules that all time ranked inventory management softwares in Dubai had have for past few years. These modules made them win several surveys and one could only wish if all these modules would have been in a single package.


1- Custom Reports:

Yes! Every inventory management system has some reporting system. But do they provide the user the customization opportunity? Is it user-friendly or the user interface comfortable and adaptable by the masses? No, most of the inventory management systems fail to do that. For which these necessary modules are bound to be added to all kinds of inventory management systems.

Sales Order Completions.

Multiple Warehouse Deliveries.

Sensitive Products Tracking. 

Package Tracking Withing The Warehouse.



2- Updates On All Platforms:

Most inventory software fails to provide a module that can update you on both web and mobile applications at the same time. Sometimes the mobile view has lesser features and sometimes the web view has so much in the report that it hurts to consume all that information. For this problem’s solution following amends are necessary:

Returns Handling.

Virtual Stock Control.

Customized display inventory availability on the website.



3- Demand Forecasting:

Demand forecasting is one of the kinds of modules that an inventory management system can offer. It analyzes trends in order placements by the users and gives you a forecast graph giving you an idea of how this season is going to be. This forecast can be used to set preferred stick levels and automate multi-location source allocations. Keeping a prompt report about how future demands are going to be.

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